Nodestone is small consultancy based in the UK with a local and global client base.

What we do

We work with both businesses and individuals in these areas:

For businesses:
  • Technical and Development leadership (interim tech. ¬†and team leadership)

  • Agile methods, tools, implementation and coaching

  • Web software engineering

  • Technical architecture, technology consultancy, technology futures and roadmaps

For humans:
  • Transformational coaching for individuals and people in business


We've made a few startups over time.

Our latest is Message Eggs, an extraordinary gift experience that nurtures our dearest people at key moments in their lives. Message Eggs is that perfect group gift that's full of love for a big birthday, wedding or other life event. Please take a look at message-eggs.com.


Nodestone Limited is registered in England
Company No: 578 4049