Angular 2 - useful links

Angular 2 is a release candidate: rc.1 as I write this.  The official documents still have some missing pieces.  Here are a collection of useful links and my own usage comments to help fill in the missing bits:

Official Docs

Official latest Angular 2 docs - fairly good. Some bits missing as of rc.1

Official TypeScript docs - very good - starts with basic types selected

Unit Testing

Unit Testing Recipes - useful recipes for testing Components, Directives, HTTP Mocking etc - though think this conflicts with the latest I've found on async injecting into unit tests.  I might be wrong.

Testing Angular 2 Components with Unit Tests and the TestComponentBuilder (RC1+) - -but see this repo for tests actually updated for RC1:    --- note that TestComponentBuilder has been moved from @angular/core/testing to @angular/compiler/testing.

Touch events

Haven't tried this yet -- not sure what really works. It does seem that Hammer.js must be loaded before angular2.

Bootstrap Carousel

..I'll add more as I revisit links.. First week or two with Angular 2 involved a lot of reading source and searching for solutions..