Extended cognition: a view for product development tooling?

This very interesting article talks spiders offloading some cognitive tasks into their webs.  Sounds strange, but what if you think about the web as a purpose-built extension of the spider's own senses.  The spider builds a web that delivers information about what has landed in the web. The configuration of the web modifies the sense input to the spider sitting on the web.  I can imagine some wevb structures helping to perform filtering around something landing in the web vs. wind.  And is the thing that has landed alive or a bit of stick or a leaf?

The concept explored here is Extended Cognition which is the view that mental processes (mind, thinking) can be extended beyond the brain/body and into the environment around.  I guess you could claim a lot of human-made culture is like this. 

This is an interesting alternate view. Given all our product development tooling: charts, graphs, processes, meetings, lists, spreadsheets for example.  How is it when we look at all this stuff through the lens of Extended Cognition?  Is there a useful view in there?

I'm just going to ask the question for now.