I’m deep in my transformational coaching training at Animas. That means reading, study, reflection and coaching practice. As I’m emerging as a coach, I’m starting to describe what I’m like as a coach. That leads to questions like: How do I see the world? What do I believe? What is my purpose?

Amongst that reflection, I notice that I’ve got a lot of curiosity — about how both humans and human society works. This makes the coaching study a continuous and enjoyable journey of discovery. There is a lot to know and there is a lot of good thought and writing already out there. I’ll share fave books and links as I go about it.

I realise that I carry around a certain view of the world, of the universe and of reality as a whole. That view is very much conditioned by my beliefs about how things are. I realise that this is intensely personal. I have an “operational reality” that serves as the shorthand “How it works” guide I need to reason and live day-to-day.

I’m going to have a go at writing that down.

In anthropology this a cosmology. A theory of everything for the community under study. So I’m going to have a go at my Personal Cosmology.

Once I’ve got something, maybe I’ll publish it, or maybe just the sections headings. I wonder how personal it will feel.

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