Business as usual is no longer tenable

That “benevolent” large company of my parents’ generation
Is now a vortex sucking in vast amounts of
people, money, animals, plants, oil, minerals, energy
A vortex spewing carbon dioxide, pollution, false desire, political influence
Fueling unnecessary consumption
Cheered on by compromised and hapless governments
Bringing the climate emergency, the loss of human hope
This,  feeding the urgency of our transformation

When business as usual will eat us all alive, destroy our landscapes and  enslave our children
We respond with change
We respond with the tools for change
Change for the individual caught in the machine
Change for the business afraid of the future
Change for the government, unable to see the future
Change for the corporate, from exploitation to stewardship

When business and humans and politics can’t see the exploitationWe respond with the tool of awareness

When hate fills our streets and lies our media
We respond with the tool of compassion

When imaginary fears grip and strangle kindness
We respond by going deeper
Going slower
Moving through
Finding hope
Breathing and Smiling
Holding hands and taking
Another step towards the light

Grae Sutherland
12 June 2019

[part of a series of speech parts/poems about how we collectively as coaches can respond to the climate emergency, political confusion, the loss of truth and surveillance capitalism]

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