For those embracing change.
For those seeking a better future
and wanting to take part.
Speaking truth to power,
Bringing compassion
Careful of others and earth;

Moving from business-as-usual
Bringing compassion and
sustainability to the heart;

We offer, with both hands outstretched:
Support and holding, coaching and change
Support for your truth speaking
Holding space for your hope and planning
Coaching your path
Changing with each other
Staying authentic, and
Staying vulnerable

Our paths vary
Our thinking diverges
Driven by the hope of  impact
And belief in the emerging goodness of humans

Establishing trust
Embracing the darkness
Dispelling baseless fears

and Iterating
Learning and Growing

Feeling our way through
With fairness and equanimity
Bringing diversity and discernment

Graeme Sutherland
11 June 2019

[part of a series of speech parts/poems about how we collectively as coaches can respond to the climate emergency, political confusion, the loss of truth and surveillance capitalism]

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  1. Hello Graeme, Reuben here, been awhile ! Get in touch if you have a mind to.

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