facing a climate emergency
with politics fragmented
and society struggling to keep the heart

We can no longer accept business as usual
We can no longer look the other way

And from our heart
and from our love of Earth and all beings;
From our life’s experience
Now, more than ever,
We step forward
Holding fast each other
In service of bringing New Ways

New Ways of Society
New Ways of Business
New Ways of being human on Earth
In concert with all beings

Staying grounded and practical
Effective and efficient
We seek to influence, support, curate, collaborate, form, experience, develop, experience,

Witness your change
Support your change
Support our shift to a new way

Where, together, humans and all
All our families and all beings
Become together

Grae Sutherland
11 June 2019

[part of a series of speech parts/poems about how we collectively as coaches can respond to the climate emergency, political confusion, the loss of truth and surveillance capitalism]

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