I’m Grae and I’m a transformational coach. This is a bit about the how and why of coaching the way I do it.

The whole idea of coaching is change. Say I’m coaching you. What am I actually doing as a coach? I’d say, helping to create the conditions for your change, your transformation.

Your change could be big or small, visible, invisible, world changing, life changing, comfortable, gentle.

Helping to create the conditions for change. So what is that? How do I go about doing that? Let’s talk that through a bit.

One, we need a safe space to work in. I tend to talk about holding that space. At one level that’s a practical date and time and location kind of thing. Looking a bit deeper, I’m carefully listening to you, witnessing your words and feeling and being – without judgement – with empathy – making it safe for you explore feel new feelings and think new thoughts.

Two, there are questions. As I’m listening, I’m going to ask questions. To ask questions of you so I can understand what you mean, to challenge gently, to wonder about your choice of a word, an expression, a posture, a laugh or a smile.

Three, there are tools. As a coach, I have a box of process tools, ways to try things out, experiment, structure a plan, consider a position, try out a future. All sort of things. I’m always talking with other coaches, experimenting with new ideas and trying things out.

Coaching doesn’t have to be really serious all the time. It can be fun and playful, it can be deep, enlightening, raw and sometimes confronting and difficult. Our emotions are different on different days. I’m here to accept you just the way you are on the day. It is all good. It is all-powerful. There are many paths through. Just bring your whole self 😀

Okay, so that’s a quick introduction to my kind of coaching. If you like the sound of that and want to try it out, book a no-obligation 30-minute introductory chat with me or read some more about me and coaching.

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