Coaching and Consulting for: Individuals, Leadership, Agile processes, Modern software development

That tagline is a mouthful. Here’s a few bullet points to expand the what of we do at Nodestone:

For businesses:

  • Technical and Development leadership (interim CTO, Interim Engineering management and Team leadership)
  • Coaching, advice and implementation of agile processes and tools to answer that question: What do we need to be impactful, fast and accurate.
  • Coaching and implementation of “modern software development” practices (like CI/CD, git, git flow, Test driven development, Open Source)

For humans:

  • Transformational coaching for people and people in the context of business

Who we are:

Graeme Sutherland and Libby Davy

Corporate Information

We are Nodestone Limited.
We are registered in England with Company No: 578 4049.