Hi, I’m Grae Sutherland.

I’m a transformational coach working with life, purpose, and business.

I work with you to help you find a clear path to change and make that change in your life.

How magical it was that Grae managed to be so skillful and with a few really clever questions, without saying a great deal, managed to unlock so much that was already within me.


I bring a patient, open, enquiring and affirming view to coaching with my clients. I’m enthusiastic, supportive and friendly. I use a transformational coaching approach informed by my own study, Buddhist philosophy and my own life and business experiences.

I have a background in leadership, careers and recruitment, tech startups, software engineering, facilitation, space-holding and team building.

I’m Australian and British. I’ve been in the UK for over 10 years this time. I’ve lived and worked in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. I live with my life partner Libby Davy and I have an 18 year old daughter.

How I work

My coaching is based around one-on-one sessions with me either online (zoom or skype etc) or in person in Brighton or London.

We start out with a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute Discovery session. In that session, we get to know each other, look at the broad areas we want to work in, and see if we are suited to working together. If so, we’ll contract for a number of 1-hour sessions, usually weekly or fortnightly, and go on from there.

Grae’s calm and tolerant nature makes it easy to open up without fear. He seems to ‘get’ people – speeding up the all-too-anxiety-inducing process of trying explain oneself.


Please get in touch or book in a discovery session on this page .. just below.

Online or in-person

I work online via zoom.us or Skype, or in person. I tend to find that the online spaces work well for many sessions but a face-to-face meeting can also be powerful. We can also coach while walking or in nature for a different and potentially deeper perspective.

Let’s get started

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