How would it be to receive the warm, wonderful and loving messages that we hear at funeral eulogies — but before it is too late? That was the idea behind Message Eggs, a gift experience that collected deep, heartfelt messages from friends and family and presented them as separate, individual gift eggs to be opened. You’d have to open the egg to extract the message inside. It was special, the messages were beautiful, and with thousands of participants, it spread a lot of love.

We tried this out as a startup. We built a message collection system that could get people to go deep, go heart with their messages. We established a way of making these beautiful eggs and packaging them as an amazing gift experience.

Unfortunately, like many startups, it didn’t get traction in the making money kind-of way. It sure delivered a lot of love and gladdened many hearts. Success right there.

If you’re interested in Message Eggs — about what we tried and did, about the technology and process, please get in touch.

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