Wikipedia on Non-functional Requirements

List of NFRs (from Wikipedia):

ISO Quality Standards (includes functional and non-functional) is relevant for the -ability NFRs.   Now known as ISO 25010:

Summary of ISO25010

House of Quality – QFD

MCDA & Belief Structures (or Pugh method of Pugh concept selection)

Belief Structure

Multiple Decision Criteria

Non-functional requirements (linguistic, definition) – Planguage:

Tutorial: Specifying non-functionals

ADRs, plan

Due Dilligence – M&A

Basic points:

  • What will it take to modify and add new functionality
  • Maintainability and automated testing
  • Scalability risks and strengths
  • System design, code size, technologies, and complexity
  • Open source and other dependencies
  • Security and privacy risks
  • Development capability, data center practices
  • Defect/incident analysis
  • Sophistication and robustness of algorithms and data models
  • Internationalization, portability, or other quality attributes
  • Your specific questions

Another view of points (from

A refined technical due diligence process is quick, efficient, and answers the investment questions in easy-to-understand terms with sufficient detail. Target companies are typically analyzed from three perspectives:

Each of these perspectives is analyzed from the following categories. Included below are some sample questions to ask and answer:

While many items found during technology due diligence may not make or break a deal, it is important to understand the risks and opportunities to evaluate a potential investment. The existence of technical risks may affect the ultimate deal conditions or price. The cost of a technical due diligence is insignificant compared to the magnitude of a software company investment and the benefits abound, which leaves us with the question, why wouldn’t an investment firm conduct pre-acquisition technical due diligence? I certainly wouldn’t buy a new home without an inspection.

Downloaded sheet:


Belief-based decision criteria – calculating

Google sheet

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