Lenses or Positions to look from to gain perspective on a situation or system

Here are some lenses/perspective to apply to any situation – to not necessarily deliver the truth, but to drive out ideas or views that would otherwise be obscured.

Use these to explore a situation that is puzzling or unclear.

Beware of presenting any of these as the truth.


How good are we at surviving difficulty. This can be very important in places where there is rapid change.

Sustainability (renewable)

How good are we at the long term continouos delivery. Keeping going.  Different to resiliance, that seems more about dealing with crises and unexpected change.


What is the natural lifetime of this iinitiative, idea, system, team.  How do we embrace the decline and death of this as sonething natural and normal.

Inclusivity / Diversity

inclusiveness leads to resiliance?   

See Processes & Methodologies (Agile other) for things view-based methodologies like Appreciative Enquiry and Theory of Constraints

Optimised For…

What is the organisation/team optimised for?

eg. UK Railways – delivering maximum apologies → automatic apologies


Creation – Consumption

Where do we sit on creation to consumption?  This indicates how creative, interesting, open things can be.

Or do we just have to have what we already have?

Conway’s Law

Industrial Age

Circular. Zero waste maximum value extraction.


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