We offer to consult for organisations at a few different levels.  Here we work on product development software engineering and software engineering organisations in roles like:

  • Technical and Software Engineering leadership (interim CTO, Interim Engineering management and Engineering Team leadership)
  • Coaching, advice and mentoring in implementation of agile processes and tools to answer that question: What do we need to be impactful, fast and accurate.
  • Coaching and implementation of “modern software development” practices (like CI/CD, git, git flow, Test driven development, Open Source)

Day to day this is mostly about, given the engineering idea of the art of the possible, let’s find the difficulty and blockages in software engineering delivery, personnel, product processes and put in place what is needed to improve effectiveness. That could turn into things like:

  • recruitment strategy; hiring people; implementing and improving recruitment processes
  • adding measurement to development processes, reporting, and feedback from measurement
  • improving automatic CI/CD builds and tests
  • architecture and software engineering
  • improving communications with stakeholders
  • coaching, advice and mentoring to individuals and team leads