From Libby Davy of Human Bells:

Who wants to support Planet Earth, have real impact and gain meaningful coaching experience? PLEASE READ THIS IN FULL BEFORE RESPONDING.


We are running a project to coach the young leaders of Extinction Rebellion. Friends in the XR core team have asked our community to step in and support.

First event is 29 June in Brighton.

We need 5 coaches and one coach/co-ordinator.

Who’s free, confident enough, capable, reliable and keen?

Please add your name below and I will send details.
“Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.”

My dear friend Skeena Rathor (XR central) was delighted to know about about our community and this offer, but I need someone to step in on co-ordination to help it happen.

Skeena said: “Our young people need to be held in a much stronger way. They need us to support their readiness to step fwd in “eldership”. We are moments away from our young having to meet the unthinkable. So for me XR needs to put their resilience and visioning work at the top of the pile.”

As XR regenerate after profound impact (anyone hear about the Climate Emergency that was declared shorty after Rebellion Week by a string of global governments?), there is a need now for key XR people to get coaching.

You might already be qualified (ideally) or part way through. You don’t need to be experienced in coaching activists as we will brief you, but you will need to be reasonably confident in yourself as a coach.

This is voluntary (not paid) but might lead to paid work.

This will all help build our referral networks and capacity to mobilise also.

After the Brighton event, we are looking for about 10-20 coaches to start with, so please spread the word – within Animas and beyond.

XR are leading the way in the empowerment of all people for planetary survival and have extraordinary support and contacts.

Nearly everyone in XR is 100% volunteering their time and cannot afford to pay for coaching. Really, they need all the support we can give them to renew themselves for the next wave of action.

There are some very compassionate, wise and savvy people involved.

So much to learn, especially about power with, not over, and the emergence of new paradigms of being alongside the old.

Imagine many Animites have already gotten involved in various ways. More and more mainstream and business people are showing support too.
If you are not available for the Brighton event, but want to stay involved, email [email protected] and one of the project team will get back to you.

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